How to Finger a Girl Well for The First Time

What are some tips on how to finger a girl well for the first time? Figuring out how to finger a girl well for the first time takes a lot of patience and effort to learn. In order to finger a girl well, you must know where her g-spot is.

Women can have powerful orgasm from g-spot stimulation. If you know where her g-spot is, use your fingers to stimulate it until she has an orgasm.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to satisfy your girl in bed by giving her an orgasm. And one of the best ways to make her orgasm is to use your fingers.

Now, let me share with you some tips to finger a girl well for the first time:

Tip one: Get her ready. Don’t just go jamming your fingers inside her. It wouldn’t be present at all. Take your time to arouse her. Stimulate her erogenous zones such as neck, breasts, spine, inner thighs and earlobes with your hands and tongue. When she is sufficiently aroused, her vagina becomes wet and she will enjoy your fingering more.

Tip two: Get ready for insertion. Make sure your finger is moist before your insert it into her vagina. Insert your index finger into her with your palm facing upward.

Tip three: Locate her g-spot. The g-spot is located at the front wall of her vagina. To find it, make a “come here” motion with your finger. Try to feel for a rough patch. Once you find it, apply pressure to it and it should become more solid and bigger. That is the g-spot.

Tip four: Apply consistent pressure to the g-spot. The g-spot reacts to pressure not touches. To make your girl feel good, press and rub it hard.

Tip five: Don’t only use your finger. While fingering her, use your tongue or the other hand to stimulate her erogenous zones such as the clitoris to make her orgasm faster. The clitoris is very sensitive as it contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. If you know how to stimulate it correctly, you can give your girl a double orgasms: clitoral and g-spot orgasms.

However, knowing how to finger a girl well is not enough… you must be able to satisfy her during intercourse by lasting long enough.

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How to Find and Stimulate Her Elusive G-Spot

In this article I will discuss about the “mystical” G-spot and a simple way to stimulate it. Experts are somewhat divided about its existence but there is something inside the vagina that makes woman experience intense female orgasms. The G-spot also spelt G spot is an often hidden spot in a woman’s vagina that is responsible for intense orgasms!

You see, the reason why people can not sometimes find the G spot is that they view the G-spot as some button that is just sitting there waiting to be pressed! This is wrong…first the G spot will not be there unless your woman is really bothered and hot and that is why foreplay is key to mind boggling sex

Next do not aim for the G spot, aim to stimulate the clitoris. Because what most experts do not tell you is that the G spot is nothing more than the back end of the clitoris.

The G-spot is a spot inside a woman’s vagina. The back end of the clitoris that folds up up towards the vaginal wall! So in effect, it is not a spot but a cluster of spots!

This “G-spot” is a small “mound” of tissue inside the vagina, between a penny and quarter in size, which responds to being pressed upon. It is almost certainly not the skene’s glands (which are located around the urethra behind the G-spot area) as has been suggested by a few people.

In fact, the G-Spot is the tissue in that raised area of the vagina, which has a higher concentration of sexual nerves, and produces hormones similar to those made by the male’s prostate gland.

Here is how you go about stimulating the G-spot:

First make sure your woman is warmed up. You can tell if a woman is warmed up and ready for a G-spot orgasm because she will give you be breathing with excitement!

Once you are sure she is all warmed up, proceed as follows
Slowly and gently place two fingers into the vagina. Using your index finger, touch the anterior wall. It is approximately a finger length up. Many women like having the person touching them to use their index finger to place some pressure on the wall. Try making the ‘come here motion’ with your index finger to stimulate the G-spot

Allow the tip of your finger to tap on the anterior vaginal wall. Let her level of excitement guide your movements. Talk with her, and ask her how different forms of your touch feel. Some women may not like the feeling of being touched there and may even find it painful.

Another way to tell if you are indeed touching her g-spot is that there will be a change in its texture. The g spot area will feel fleshy, like a small area of wrinkled skin. In contrast, the surrounding area will feel taut.

The shape of the g-spot is similar to an upright kidney bean. Remember the G-spot will not harden up unless she is turned on
In addition to touching her G-spot with your index finger, I encourage you to use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris, inner and outer lips.

The combination of fellatio (oral sex) with G-spot stimulation is enough to make most women become extremely excited.
Use the simple tips I have just shared with you to make any woman orgasm at will!

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Tips for Using Your Fingers to Get a Woman to a Fingering Orgasm That Will Be Body Shaking For Ages

What are some simple tips to finger your woman to orgasm. A fingering orgasm is much more intense than an orgasm from intercourse. The reason for this is you can apply more pressure on the g spot of a woman. At the same time you can also stimulate the clitoris.

Fingering Orgasms Tips

The first thing a man must do is to use a long period of sensual foreplay. So spend a lot to time touching all of your lovers body. Most men focus on the lips and breasts in foreplay. This is a mistake as the whole body of a woman is erotic. Touch and kiss her toes, inner lips, fingers and face before you start on the breasts.

You will find that a slow and light massage stroke is much more sensual. Many guys rush much too fast in an erotic massage. It is also important to begin and end each massage stroke with a light touch. This feels much more pleasurable than to pull off quickly.

She needs to be TURNED ON and wet.

Once you have really turned on your lover she will be desiring some genital touch. Make sure she is wet before you go down to her genitals.

First Finger Orgasm Stroke

Just place your whole hand on her vulva with no stimulation. The heat of your hand will turn her on more. After a minute or so, a light vibration is so nice.

When you feel she is very wet, slowly let the second finger enter the vulva. Curl this finger up and you will find a rough area. This is the magic g spot area of your lover. Just hold this spot for a minute. Many woman can actually orgasm from such a light touch. Remember she was very hot from the long foreplay.

You can now stimulate the g spot with a come here motion of your finger. Keep your had relaxed as you move over her g spot.

Follow her energy. Some men can feel a woman’s orgasm in their bodies. Look into her eyes if she wishes.

Combine G Spot and Clitoris Massage

To really drive her wild, stimulate the clitoris with one finger or thumb as well as fingering her g spot area. This is totally intense for most women. An advanced technique is to have another finger in the anus. One can use latex gloves for health reasons.

Dirty Talking Guide and Vulva Massage Strokes

Adding some dirty talking will help her have a fingering orgasm. This raises the sexual energy big time. Dirty talking allows a man to get into a strong masculine energy and this leads any woman into being more lusty and wild in sex.

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By combining dirty talking and becoming an expert in sexual massage is one of the best techniques to get your woman to orgasm.

Have fun!

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Reaching the Mystic G Spot

How to Find A Girls G spot? It’s all about angles!

Finding a girls G spot or the GräfenberG spot, is like finding the holy grail of sex organs, because when stimulated this nerve packed pleasure centre can take your sex life to a whole new exciting level.

The trouble is, many men and women have great difficulty in locating the G spot, often bypassing it all together and then wondering if it really exists at all. But the trick to finding your G spot, is understanding where it is and how to use the right G spot lovemaking techniques to really get it going.

Find G spot

A girls G spot is nuzzled right under her pubic bone, one to three inches up from the vaginal wall, and the reason so many people can’t find it is simply because its not in a position to take a direct hit so to speak, from a prodding penis or a poking finger.

Regular insertion of a penis or finger ‘in and out’ is likely to miss hitting it all together and some people miss hitting the G spot by either inserting their fingers too far or by not getting themselves in the correct G spot positions positions to maximize the chance of stimulating it.

Successfully finding your G spot is actually all about creating the right angles to maximize your chances of hitting that elusive spot. G spot stimulation will always come down to the positioning of your body in conjunction with your partners, the correct placement of his fingers or your sex toy.

G spot Lovemaking Techniques

Whether you’re with a partner or you’re alone, the right g-spot love making techniques are going to help you achieve those all important g sport orgasms.

One of the easiest ways to find the a girls G spot is by having your partner insert their finger in to your vagina up to the base of the knuckle and then hooking the finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. With practice they should be able to recognize when they are rubbing the right area, as usually it will feel ribbed or bumpy, and will often swell and become larger as it becomes aroused.

Another very effective way of fining your G spot is by using a sex toy. There are so many toys made specifically for female g-spot stimulation, they can actually be a lot easier and more comfortable to experiment with, than someone else’s fumbling fingers.

Use it lying on your stomach or by simulating Cowgirl Position. Once inside you instead of focusing your toy on penetration that is just in and out, try tilting the external base downwards on an angle so the tip of your toy tilts in the opposite direction inside you. Or increase your chances even of finding your G spot by buying a vibrator that is specifically for G spot stimulation. Either way use your toy to apply pressure against your vaginal wall and slowly rub your toy back and forth against this area, or rotate it in circular motions.

If you are new to this, proceed carefully and don’t go full throttle just yet. A girls G spot is just as sensitive if not more than the clitoris. Some may feel an instant surge of arousal while others may prefer a gradual increase of light rubbing that eventually explodes into a G spot orgasm.

In any case, make sure you are extremely aroused before attempting this and always use a personal lubricant as stimulating the G spot unprepared may cause discomfort or even pain.

Double G spot Stimulation

Once you have found your G spot and love the sensations it’s giving you, you can even experiment and go for a double G spot and clitoral orgasm simultaneously.

A Rampin Rabbit vibrator is especially good for double female g-spot stimulation. When you start to feel aroused by your G spot activate the bunny ears focused on your clitoris. This is guaranteed endless ripples of heavenly pleasure.

You can also try this with your partner’s fingers. Whilst he is stimulating your G spot with his index or middle finger, have him also rub your clitoris with his thumb.

A girls G spot stimulation comes down to the positioning of your body in conjunction with your partners, the correct placement of his fingers or your sex toy. And because no two bodies are the same, even with the best diagram and instructions, on finding your G spot can’t compare to your own personal experimentation and practice.

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